Autors: Borovska, P. I., Ivanova, D. A.
Title: "Silicon Galaxy" system area network for collective communication in supercomputers
Keywords: Supercomputers, system area networks, topology design, colle

Abstract: The paper focuses on the latest trends in supercomputer and high-performance computer architectures with emphasis of the important parameters for parallel computer performance. The main objective is to propose the high-speed network architecture for collective communications in supercomputers "Silicon Galaxy" that provides high-bandwidth, low latency and high tolerance to failures. The proposed network architecture "Silicon Galaxy" is composed of "Milky Way Galaxy" network for intercluster communication and "Dwarf Galaxy" network for communication within the cluster segments (intracluster communication in supercomputers). Communication performance of the proposed collective network has been evaluated on the base of parallel computer simulations on IBM Blade Center.



    International Conference on Computer Systems and Technologies, CompSysTech 2014, vol. Series 883, pp. pp. 86-93, 2014, Bulgaria,

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