Autors: Zlateva, M. Y.
Title: Optimization of the distance between the rows in solar collectors’ arrays
Keywords: Thermal solar systems, collector array, utilisation of solar energy

Abstract: The article presents some results of the analysis of the influence of the distance between the collectors’ rows in thermal solar systems on the degree of self-shading. For the purposes of the study, the dimensionless ratio Ks between the required minimum distance between the rows, guaranteeing the absence of self-shading, and the height of the collectors, was used. A simulation study was performed for specific climatic conditions and the annual solar radiation incident on the collectors’ array at different degrees of self-shading was determined. Its annual financial equivalent for various alternative heat sources (electricity, natural gas, wood pellets, district heating and gas oil) was assessed, as well as the necessary investment costs for construction of the solar system. A regression relationship between the coefficient of net present value NPVQ and Ks was derived and its optimal values were established, which ensure the achievement of maximum economic efficiency of t



    , 2021, Bulgaria, / /202132702001

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