Autors: Lazarov, V. D., Zarkov, Z. J., Kanchev, H. C., Stoyanov, L. S., B. François.
Title: Compensation of power fluctuations in PV systems with supercapacitors
Keywords: Super capacitor, PV system, power fluctuations

Abstract: This article examines the problems of integration of renewable energies in power systems, resulting from the changing nature of primary sources. Possible solutions to overcome the problem are the development of hybrid systems and/or the introduction of devices for energy storage. In this work the authors propose a system for compensation of power fluctuations in photovoltaic (PV) systems with supercapacitor used as energy storage device. A model of a photovoltaic system, an electronic converter and a supercapacitor in Matlab/Simulink environment is created. Simulation studies were done using real data for solar radiation. Results from experimental studies of a supercapacitor operating with variable power are presented. The results confirm the viability of the idea and the possibilities to compensate fluctuations of low-power PV plants with supercapacitor only.


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Electrotehnica & Electronica Е+Е, issue 9, pp. 48-55, 2012, Bulgaria, CEEC, ISSN 0861-4717

Copyright CEEC, България

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1. B. Evstatiev and D. Kiriakov, "Investigation of the Energy Losses of Supercapacitor Banks due to Self-Discharge," 2021 17th Conference on Electrical Machines, Drives and Power Systems (ELMA), 2021, pp. 1-5, doi: 10.1109/ELMA52514.2021.9503027. - 2021 - в издания, индексирани в Scopus или Web of Science

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