Autors: Mihailova, M. M., TRENEV V., GENOVA P., KONSTANTINOV S.
Title: Process Simulation in a MechatronicBioreactor Device with Speed-RegulatedMotors for Growing of Three-Dimensional Cell Cultures
Keywords: rotating wall vessel bioreactors; miniPERM; dynamicalmodel; virtual simulation; three dimensional cell culture

Abstract: Tissue engineering is a new scientific research field that al-lows the establishment of tissue equivalents rising from isolated cells incombinationwithbiocompatiblematerialsandcultivationinmoreorlesssophisticatedbioreactorsystems.Suchsystemsgavetheuniqueopportu-nitytoperform invitro investigationsoftranscriptionandtranslation,cellgrowth, biochemistry and mechanics of healthy normal organs as well asthose affected by malignant tumors, infections, and immune deficiencyunder controlled conditions. In rotating vessel bioreactors under micro-gravity and defined medium content, cells proliferate, stay abundant toeachother,andformthree-dimensionalstructures,assignedasspheroids.Such spheroids might be grown on microcarriers. A wide spectrum of different cell culture experiments involving normal and transformed hu-man cells indicates that: in the rotating bioreactor system miniPERMno complete lack of gravity could be reached; a great part of the seededcell material does not proliferate at the



    , 2006, Bulgaria,

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