Autors: Zhmud V., Nosek J., Dimitrov, L. V., Boyarchikov E.
Title: Investigation of the Dependence of the ADC Error on the Conversion Frequency: Recommendations for Choosing a Multiplier for the Nyquist Frequency
Keywords: ADC error, Conversion frequency

Abstract: It is well known that analog-to-digital conversion contains several error components (uncertainties). The error generated by time quantization, according to the theory, can be completely eliminated by observing the Nyquist relation between the upper limit of the signal converted spectrum and the conversion frequency. In practice, when recovering a signal from the results of its transformation, we do not use procedures of optimal recovery such as principle of maximum likelihood. This signal has a limited duration and therefore its spectrum is not formally limited. In this paper, the study of the actual dependence of the conversion error on the sampling frequency is carried out by a numerical simulation. In this case, the error of delay is excluded because it cannot be avoided. Our numerical simulation shows that if we do not take into account the effect of the delay, then the error generated by an insufficiently high ratio between the conversion frequency and the maximum frequency in t



    Smart Automatics and Energy, 2021, Russia, ISBN ISSN 2190-3018

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