Autors: Zhmud V., Nosek J., Dimitrov, L. V., Boyarchikov E.
Title: Nonlinear PID Controller for Effective Suppression of Oscillations When Controlling an Oscillating Object with a Delay
Keywords: PID controller, oscillating object

Abstract: It is a very difficult task to control oscillating objects. Even when using the most efficient methods for calculating the controller, a problem of compromise choice in the resulting systems must be solved: what should be preferred, high speed or absence of overshoot and oscillations. Ensuring the fulfillment of both of these requirements is difficult since a decrease in the amplitude of oscillations and the amount of overshoot can be achieved only by reducing the speed of the system. This paper solves the problem of finding the best compromise solution using a nonlinear PID controller. This paper gives also a numerical example demonstrating the advantages of the proposed method.



    Smart Automatics and Energy, 2021, Russia, ISBN ISSN 2190-3018

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