Autors: Petrova, T. S., Markov, D. G., Ratz, E. R.
Title: Numerical investigation of the spring constant impact on the work of a Stirling-Ringbom engine with an elastic element
Keywords: Stirling-Ringbom engine, Elastic element, Spring constant, Engine behaviour

Abstract: Current work deals with numerical simulation of the behaviour of a Stirling-Ringbom engine with an elastic element that assists the displacer piston movement from its top dead centre toward its bottom dead centre. The variation of the atmospheric pressure and the temperaturе of the hot source influence engine operation. Therefore, the goal of this material is to identify the character and the extent of this influence. This paper shows that by variation of the spring constant it is possible to achieve stable operation of the engine concerned under variation of the environment parameters within certain intervals.



    Proceedings of 56th Science Conference of Ruse University, vol. 56, issue 1, pp. 86-91, 2017, Bulgaria, Sofia, ISSN 1311-3321

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