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Autors: Kirilov S.M., Yordanov R.S., Mladenov, V. M.
Title: Analysis and Synthesis of Band-Pass and Notch Memristor Filters
Keywords: memristor, computer simulation, band-pass filter, notch filter, characteristics, cut-off frequency

Abstract: The main purpose of this paper is to present the possibility of application of the Williams’s memristor in passive band-pass and notch filter circuits. At frequencies higher than 20 Hz the Williams’s memristor have behaviour similar to this of a linear resistor and the distortions of the signals passed through the memristor circuit are negligible. The resistance of the memristor element can be tuned by external pulse voltage source. Changing the passive RC filters’ characteristics and cut-off frequencies might be achieved with substituting of the resistors with memristors. In this material two circuits of band-pass and notch filters with memristors are synthesized and investigated in MATLAB environment. The basic conclusion is that the characteristics of the memristors used in the filters could be linearized in the working frequency range. The memristors internal states and the filters frequency characteristics respectively can be adjusted by external voltage or current pulses.


    17th WSEAS International Conference on CIRCUITS (part of CSCC '13), 2013, Greece,

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