Autors: Ivanov S., Hinov, N. L.
Title: Smart System for Control and Monitoring a DC Motor
Keywords: DC Motor, Control, Monitoring, Smart System

Abstract: In the present work the synthesis, design and prototyping of an intelligent digital control system for a DC motor is considered. The control is realized with the help of a microcontroller, and the communication is carried out with a Wi-Fi connection and a specially developed mobile application for working with portable devices. In order to demonstrate the system, a prototype of a DC-DC converter powering a DC motor was realized, with which practical experiments were performed. The proposed approach is suitable for use for the purposes of training in Power Electronics, as well as for application for remote control of power electronic devices and systems.



    29th National Conference with International Participation, TELECOM 2021, 2021, Bulgaria, IEEE

    Copyright IEEE

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