Autors: Lazarova, K., Boycheva, S. V., Vasileva, M., Zgureva, D. M., Georgieva, B., Babeva, T.
Title: Acetone-sensitive thin films comprising coal fly ash Na-X zeolites and Sol–Gel Nb2O5 matrix
Keywords: acetone, sensing, optical sensor, coal fly ash zeolites, thi

Abstract: In this study, thin composite films of a sol–gel Nb2 O5 matrix doped with coal fly ash Na-X zeolites were deposited by the spin-coating method. Fly ash of lignite coal collected from the electrostatic precipitators of one of the biggest TPPs in Bulgaria was used as a raw material for obtaining zeolites. Zeolite Na-X was synthesized by ultrasonic-assisted double stage fusionhydrothermal alkaline conversion of coal fly ash. In order to improve the optical quality and sensing properties of the deposited thin films, synthesized zeolites were wet-milled for 60, 120, and 540 s prior to film deposition. The surface morphology of zeolite powders was studied both by scanning electron microscopy and transmission electron microscopy, while their porosity was investigated by N2-physisorption. Refractive index, extinction coefficient, and thickness of the films were determined through fitting of their reflectance spectra. The sensing ability of thin films towards acetone vapors was tested.



    Nanomaterials, vol. 11, issue 9, pp. art. no. 2399, 2021, Switzerland, MDPI, DOI 10.3390/nano11092399

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