Autors: Marinova, I. Y., Midorikawa Y., Hayano S., Saito Y.
Title: Thin film transformer and its analysis by integral equation method
Keywords: Boundary element method; Electric coils; Electric excitation

Abstract: We propose a thin film transformer for small electronic devices, and apply the integral equation method to analyze this transformer. Both the primary and secondary coils of the film transformer are arranged coaxially on the layer and multiply laminated. The operation principal of the transformer is based on the skin effect and the mutual effect between the coils at high frequency. Because of the coaxially arranged coils, the magnetic field of the transformer can be modeled with an axisymmetric assumption. Using the model, we evaluate the electromagnetic field and calculate the lumped circuit parameters, i.e., inductance and resistance, which are compared with experimental values.



    IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, vol. 31, issue 4, pp. 2432-2437, 1995, United States, DOI 10.1109/20.390153

    Copyright IEEE

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