Autors: Halova, E. Y., Kobilarov, R. G.
Title: “Advantages and Disadvantages of the Test Method for Checking and Evaluating of the Knowledge, the Skills and the Habits of Students”
Keywords: Pedagogic; Physics; Test

Abstract: The following report stresses on the advantages and disadvantages of the test method for checking and evaluating the knowledge and the skills of students. The tests are one of the newest and most suitable methods for checking and evaluating - they provide broader scope and higher objectivity; they allow the typical mistakes and difficulties of the students to be discovered; they present the opportunity for self-study and self-evaluation; they allow the student programs and methods of teaching to be improved and much more. On the other hand, the test method has disadvantages: they show the final answer, omitting the mind process of the students that led to this solution; the personal abilities and attitudes of every student cannot become evident from the test alone since the test stresses only on certain characteristics. From the short overview of the advantages and disadvantages of the popular test method in the recent years, we can conclude that this process is suitable for checking



    AIP Conference Proceedings, vol. 1203, pp. 1325-1328, 2010, United States, DOI 10.1063/1.3322364, ISSN 15517616, ISBN 978-073540740-4

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