Autors: Halova, E. Y., Alexandrova, S.
Title: ”Electrical characterization of MOS structures with 10 nm SiO2, thermally grown on plasma hydrogenated (100)-pSi”
Keywords: thermal SiO2, plasma hydrogenation, interface charges

Abstract: In this paper, we have focused on the electrical properties of the SiO 2/p-type Si(100) interface, where the thin silicon oxide layer was thermally grown on rf plasma-hydrogenated silicon structures. The results concerning the interface properties of the MOS structures are reported from a detailed study of the C-V and G-V characteristics at varying frequencies between 500 Hz and 300 kHz. From frequency characterization, information is gained on the charged defects at the Si/SiO2 interface. The frequency dispersion properties reveal the presence of either interface traps or a laterally inhomogeneous distribution of defect centres within the oxide near the interface Si/SiO2. From frequency characterization information is gained on the concentration of charged defects, and their location in the Si/SiO2 interface region. A procedure is suggested to overcome the problem with the usually observed increase in the leakage through the oxide on p-Si, which hinders the accurate determination of



    Journal of Optoelectronics and Advanced Materials (JOAM), vol. 9, issue 2, pp. 402-405, 2007, Romania, ISBN ISSN 14544164

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