Autors: Kaschieva, S., Halova, E. Y., Vlaikova, E., Alexandrova, S., Valcheva, E., Dmitriev, S.
Title: “Investigation of p-Type MOS Structure Irradiated with 23 Mev Electrons”
Keywords: C-V, G-V, I-V measurements, high-energy electron irradiation

Abstract: p-type silicon MOS structures were irradiated with 23 MeV electrons in vacuum for different durations. Capacitance-voltage (C/V), current-voltage (IN) and conductance-voltage (G/V) methods were used to investigate the changes in the electrical characteristic Of the MOS Structures after electron irradiation. Our results show that high-energy electron irradiation generates positive charges in the oxide and at the Si-SiO2 interface, which are frequency dependent. After electron irradiation, two kinds of interface traps Lire determined. The traps energy position evaluated by these three independent methods is very close to Ev + 0.16 eV and E-v + 0.36 eV. As these results are in a very good agreement with our earlier results, obtained by TSC and DLTS methods, the observed traps can be attributed to the boron- (V/B) and oxygen (V/O) vacancies complexes.



    Plasma Processes Polymers, vol. 3, issue 2, pp. 237-240, 2006, Germany, Doi 10.1002/ppap.200500080, ISSN 16128850

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