Autors: Penev, B. G., Christov, N. D.
Title: A fast time-optimal control synthesis algorithm for a class of linear systems
Keywords: Algorithms; Linear control systems; Problem solving, Multi-step procedures; Order problems; Time-optimal control problems; Time-optimal control synthesis algorithms, Optimal control systems

Abstract: The paper deals with a new approach for synthesis of time-optimal control for a class of linear systems. It is based on the decomposition of the time-optimal control problem into a class of decreasing order problems, and the properties and relations between problems within this class. First, the problems' state-space properties are analyzed, and then the optimal control is obtained by using a multi-step procedure avoiding the switching hyper surface description. The emphasis in this paper is on the optimal control synthesis stage of the approach proposed. A property of the considered class of problems is studied which enables development of a fast algorithm for synthesis of time-optimal control without using the switching hyper surface. © 2005 AACC



    Proc. American Control Conference, Portland, 8-10 June 2005, Session “Optimal Control Theory”, Schedule code WeB10.6, vol. 2, pp. 883-888, 2005, United States, DOI: 10.1109/ACC.2005.1470071

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