Autors: Hristov, V. D., Slavov, D. V.
Title: 10. Extending the Capabilities of Mitsubishi MELFA Industrial Robot with Raspberry Pi Microcomputer – Part 2 (Integration of Raspberry Pi 3 Microcomputer and Experimental Research)
Keywords: GX Works platform, Raspberry Pi, Mitsubishi robot PLC

Abstract: The second part of this report describes the system configuration and parametrization achieved for connecting a Raspberry Pi to the Mitsubishi robot PLC, and necessary for establishing a proper communication between them. An overview of the MC protocol natively supported by the PLC, the interaction trough request and respond messages, their processing and format types are included. Ethernet connection of the PLC and its setting up in the GX Works platform are presented. For program development on the Raspberry Pi side, Python implementation of the protocol is used, and its features are listed. Several experiments are performed which measure indicators of the microcomputer-robot interaction and successfully test the reliable communication which ensures the further development and expansion of the robot system.



    10th International Scientific Conference “TechSys 2021” – ENGINEERING, TECHNOLOGIES AND SYSTEMS, 2021, Bulgaria, sofia

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