Autors: Todorov, G. D., Peikov V. M., Kamberov, K. H., Nikolov, N. L.
Title: Power Tools Pneumatic Impact Mechanism Modelling and Robust Analysis
Keywords: Power tools, Analysis, Virtual Engineering, CAD, CAE

Abstract: This study aims to overview different possibilities for optimization of pneumatic impact mechanisms of handheld power tools (demolition hammers and rotary hammers) at the stage of their design on the base of virtual prototypes. The study is focused on impact mechanisms basic parameters variations and optimization based on Design of Experiments (DoE). Three main groups of parameters are examined – masses, geometry dimensions and input rotational speed. The target is to evaluate parameters influence over major output characteristic of the power tool – impact energy, i.e. power tool overall performance. Key factor for realization of multiple experiments is virtual engineering technology used. Its application allows not only evaluation of output parameters but also close look over physics of the explored process.



    Proceedings of KOD 2010 - The Sixth International Symposium about Forming and Design in Mechanical Engineering, 29-30 September 2010, Palić, Serbia, pp. 119-124., 2010, Serbia, Faculty of Technical Sciences — Novi Sad, Serbia, ISBN 978-86-7892-278-7

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