Autors: Nikolov, N. L., Dolchinkov R. S., Galabov, V. B., Latinovic V. N.
Title: Meshing characteristics of Hypocycloidal Gears
Keywords: Hypocycloidal Gears, Meshing Characteristics, Synthesis, Gea

Abstract: The paper deals with kinematic characteristics of hypocycloidal gearsets generated by conjugate action of a known pinion with cylindrical teeth. The number of teeth of pinion is for one les than the number of teeth of gear. The line of contact of teeth is analytically formulated and its trends discussed in detail. The effects of the gearset parameters upon the locus of contact points are analytically determined and graphically plotted for the three typical gearsets.



    Proceedings of 2003 CCToMM Symposium on Mechanisms, Machines and Mechatronics, May 30, 2003, the Canadian Space Agency, Saint-Hubert (Montréal), Quebec, Canada., pp. 1-7., 2003, Canada,

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