Autors: Nikolova, H. N., Teodosiev, D., Anestiev, L., GEorgiev, J., Petrov, N.
Title: Glass-carbon bioactive coatings on a TiO2- Nb2O5 substrate
Keywords: hip joint prostheses, coatings

Abstract: The research carried out studies the processes of coating and impregnation of non-active glass carbon coatings on TiO2-Nb2O5 substrates, intended for surgery implants for hip joint prostheses. It was found that the coating procedure implemented and the subsequent impregnation, lead to filling of the substrate’ pores with glass carbon, thus resulting in a substantial decrease of the substrate’s roughness. It was found that preliminary treatment of the substrate aiming at a formation of TiC on its surface is important for the subsequent buildup of a stable glass-carbon coating. The tribological measurements carried out show substantial decrease of the friction coefficient of vitreous carbon (VC) – hip joint, which is the prerequisite for using these coatings as surgery implants for hip joint prostheses.



    IX Matallurgy and Materials Science, vol. 2, issue 2, pp. 18-24, 2010, Romania, Sofia, ISSN 1453 - 083X

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