Autors: Diakov, D. I., Nikolova, H. N., Dicheva, R. D., Cvetanov, G., Dichev, D., Zhelezarov, I.
Title: Dynamic errors evaluation and correction algorithm
Keywords: mathematical model, dynamic errors of instruments, moving objects

Abstract: This paper presents a mathematical model which can be used to develop algorithms for estimation and correction of dynamic errors of instruments for measuring parameters of moving objects. The dynamic error of the measuring instruments discussed in the present paper is mainly due to the inertial effects relative to the primary measuring transducer. The algorithm model is designed to determine the optimal estimate of the dynamic error by the criterion of minimum standard deviation of current and previous estimates. The developed algorithm significantly increases the accuracy of the measuring system because it is based on the actual model of the sensitive element dynamics and the analysis of each new time sequence measurement.



    “Metrology and Metrology Assurance 2020”, pp. 1, 2020, Bulgaria, Sozopol, IEEE, ISBN 9781728122137

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