Autors: Karapetkov, S. M., Uzunov, H. V., Indrie L., Zlatev Z.
Title: Driving Comfort Assistance System Considering Two Sensors Data
Keywords: stated preference survey, predictive model, customer satisfa

Abstract: In the present work, a system using data from two sensors located next to the driver and to the mass centre of the bus is proposed. Three degrees of discomfort have been used – comfortable, moderately uncomfortable and very uncomfortable. These levels are set out in the questionnaire. A survey was conducted. Respondents were selected between the ages of 14 and 65 and were divided into three age groups – adults, middle-aged and young. Accelerometer systems with MPU-6500 (TDK InvenSense Corp.) sensors are used. A correlation method (CORR) and sequentially improving estimation methods are used for feature selection, which significantly reduce the number of combinations of features obtained. Selected sensor data is entered into feature vectors. These vectors are reduced by principal component analysis. Predictive models have been created that take into account the age of passengers. The use of data from two sensors and separation of the passengers according their age, leads to an increase



    Acta Mechanica et Automaticathis link is disabled, vol. 15, issue 3, pp. 164–168, 2021, Poland,

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