Autors: Georgieva, V. M., Katsarova V. V., Laskov, L. B.
Title: A Hybrid Approach for Brain Tumor Detection in MRI Images
Keywords: MRI of the brain, texture analysis and active contour segmentation, detection of meningioma

Abstract: In this paper we present a hybrid approach based on texture analysis and active contour segmentation for the 3 grades of meningiomas. Since the shape of the tumors plays a major role in its classification, we propose to segment the area of the meningioma on the base of the active contour without edges. We use the second-order texture analysis through Gray-Level Co-occurrence Matrices to extract and analyse some texture features, such as contrast, correlation, homogeneity, energy and entropy. The experiments, performed in MATLAB environment with real MRI images of a human brain have shown good results for detection of meningioma in the diagnostic phase, which can help for successfully treatment of this disease.



    15th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE on ‘Communications, Electromagnetics and Medical Applications’ (CEMA’21), pp. 48-53, 2021, Greece, KING 2001, ISBN ISSN: 1314-2100

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