Autors: Ivanov V., Dimitrov, L. V., Ivanova S., Volkova S.
Title: Reverse Engineering in the Remanufacturing: Metrology, Project Management, Redesign
Keywords: Decision rule; Project types; Transmission design

Abstract: The analysis of the concepts used for engineering analysis of existing product samples is given: Remanufacturing, Repair, Reverse engineering, Redesign, Repurposing. In all cases, there is a decryption phase consisting analysis of technical state and identification. The identification involves the analysis of a design, the identification of units that make it up, the definition of technical specifications and the complete reproduction a technical documentation of existing product. The analysis of the technical condition and identification are presented using the approaches of the pattern recognition process. The problem of further use of the product after identifying the causes of destruction and studying the design and functionality is presented as the process of recognizing the project type: Repair, Redesign, Repurposing, etc. The developed approach was used to analyze the technical state and identification the transmission parameters. The design structure matrix and the morphologic



    International Conference on New Technologies, Development and Application, NT 2021, 2021, Bosnia and Herzegovina, ISSN 23673370/BN 978-303075274-3/DOI 10.1007/978-3-030-75275-0_20

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