Autors: Mitrev, R. P., Todorov, T. S., Fursov A.S., Ganev, B. T.
Title: Theoretical and Experimental Study of a Thermo-Mechanical Model of a Shape Memory Alloy Actuator Considering Minor Hystereses
Keywords: harvester

Abstract: The paper presents a theoretical and experimental investigation of a thermo-mechanical model of an actuator composed of a shape memory alloy wire arranged in series with a bias spring. The developed mathematical model considers the dynamics of the actuator in the thermal and mechanical domains. The modelling accuracy is increased through the developed algorithm for modelling the minor and sub minor hystereses, thus removing the disadvantages of the classical model. The algorithm improves the accuracy, especially when using pulse-width modulation control, for which minor and sub minor hystereses are likely to occur. Experimental studies show that the system is very sensitive, and there are physical factors whose presence cannot be considered in the mathematical model. The experimental research has shown that setting constant values of the duty cycle is impossible to obtain a stable value of displacement and force. The comparison between the developed mathematical model results and the



    , vol. 11, issue 9, 2021, Switzerland, MDPI,

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