Autors: Aleksandrova, M. P., Dobrikov, G. H., K. Gesheva., G. Bodurov., I. Cholakova.
Title: Deposition of Transparent Electrodes for the Future Generation of Flexible Displays
Keywords: Flexible displays, Indium-tin oxide films, RF sputtering.

Abstract: Indium tin oxide transparent films with thickness 58 nm were deposited by modified method for radiofrequency vacuum sputtering on flexible substrate for application as display electrode. Amorphous and colourless polyethyleneterephtalate foil (APETF), having melting point of 80 oC, was chosen as flexible substrate. The oxygen partial pressure, varying during the sputtering with one order of magnitude (1.10-3-2.10-4 Torr), strongly affects the film structure. Another important parameter is the post deposition exposure with UV light. This treatment leads to decreasing of the sheet resistance from 359 to 68,6 Ω/square. The changes in these conditions also result in changes of the transmission for the visible light - the maximal transparency is in the range 71% to 89%. The samples were fully characterized by scanning electron microscopy, Fourier transform infrared spectrophotometer, refractive index, UV-VIS and Van der Paul sheet resistance measurements.



    Conference Proceeding, vol. 2, pp. 509-512, 2012, Bulgaria, Veliko Tarnovo

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