Autors: Dimitrov, E. T., Ivanov Z., Michaylov, F. I., Pantchev, S. E., Peychev, M. H.
Title: Study on the Noise of a Hydrogen-Diesel Dual-Fuel Engine
Keywords: Noise, Sound pressure level, Diesel dual-fuel cycle

Abstract: Abstract. Presented in the present paper are the experimental results related to the influence of hydrogen fuel on the noise of a single-cylinder diesel engine operating on a dual-fuel cycle. The variations in the engine noise are assessed by measuring the sound pressure level with four sound-level meters, with microphones positioned one meter from the engine. Registered, further, is also the in-cylinder pressure rise rate. It should be noted that the study is performed at an engine speed of n = 2000 min-1. Made, additionally, is a quantitative assessment of the sound pressure level and maximum in-cylinder pressure rise rate variation while operating on a dual-fuel cycle with hydrogen. The evaluation is performed by comparing the engine noise and the maximum in-cylinder pressure rise rate as a function of both the percentage of the hydrogen content mass ratio at constant mean effective pressure and the mean effective pressure at constant hydrogen content mass ratio.



    EKO VARNA 2021, 2021, Bulgaria, AIP Conference Proceedings > Volume 2439, Issue 1 > 10.1063/5.0069270,

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