Autors: Halova, E. Y., Kojuharova, N., Alexandrova, S., Szekeres, A.
Title: “Interface characterization of nanoscale SiOx layers grown on RF plasma hydrogenated silicon”
Keywords: Interface, SiOx layers , RF plasma

Abstract: In the present paper, results are presented on electrical characterization of the interface Si/SiOx, formed by oxidation on Si wafers previously exposed to rf hydrogen plasma. As tools of investigations, multiple frequency C-V and G-V measurements were applied. The data analysis was performed using a two-frequency method to extract a generalized frequency independent C-V characteristic. The interface trap densities were evaluated from the generalized C-V data by comparison with theoretical data for an ideal interface. A set of localized states, acting as interface traps, was found that characterize the interface of Si to substoichiometric SiOx, layer with x< 2. The dielectric constant of the oxides was calculated from the capacitance in accumulation of the generalized C-V curves. The thickness and the refractive index of the oxide layers were obtained from ellipsometric data analysis assuming the oxide-Si substrate as being a single layer system. From the data for the dielectric const



    Journal of Physics: Conference Series, vol. 700, 2016, United Kingdom, DOI 10.1088/1742 6596/700/1/012029, ISSN 17426588

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