Autors: Daneva, M. Y., Nikolova, M. K.
Keywords: ethnicity, attitude, ethnocentrism, motives, stereotypes

Abstract: The article discusses the issue of attitudes towards teaching children of different nationalities. The essence of the concept of ethnicity and its specificities are considered on the basis of the views of specialists working in this field. Attitude towards learning is associated with ‘attitude’ as a mental state of readiness for education-related activities. It is determined by past experience and has a decisive influence on behavioral acts. Helping to shape correct attitudes towards learning also influences learning motives but is more resilient and complex than them. The attitude towards learning in children and students is formed by cultural values and norms transmitted by their parents or guardians. The presence of ethnic or cultural stereotypes among parents affects the formation of appropriate attitudes in their children, including the importance of education as a value or its absence. Intercultural interaction in the educational environment will have a special weight in the dir



    4th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON INNOVATIVE STUDIES OF CONTEMPORARY SCIENCES ISPEC Publications – 2021, pp. 288*295, 2021, Japan, ISPEC Publications – 2021, ISBN 978-625-7720-52-6

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