Autors: Jadhav, S. P., Balabanov, G. R., Poulkov, V. K.
Title: Hyper elliptic curve based signcryption scheme for resource constraint devices in IoT
Keywords: Sighncryption, Resource constraint devices, Computational co

Abstract: The Internet of things has become part of our day to day life as many more devices are connecting to the internet, the number is increasing rapidly. IoT devices have become the element in our day to day life. Such as many tiny devices are continuously monitoring our health homes and providing sensitive information which can be analysed and help for decision making. This important data must have enough security. Hence, the security and efficiency of these IoT devices play an important role therefore various efforts are made to make these resource constraint devices highly secure and efficient. Signcryption is one of the techniques to increase efficiency as compare to traditional signature then encryption schemes.



    IT in Industry, vol. 9, issue 1, pp. 324-329, 2021, India, ISSN 2204-0595

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