Autors: Danka P. A., Albayati A., Ivanov, M. P., Terziev, A. K., С. Мижорски.
Title: Preliminary results - Numerical Simulations for Heat Recovery System from Wastewater
Keywords: CFD; energy efficiency; heat recover; wastewater

Abstract: ne of the main challenges in the world today is reducing energy consumption and CO 2 footprint in existing buildings without major construction work. The implementation of technologies using recovery sources for water heating has become very important and one of these technologies involves the recovery of the thermal energy from wastewater. Usually, heat recovery from wastewater is projected to retrieve residual heat from the hot drainage water, it being further used or to preheat arrival cold water or to heat pumps. The main purpose of this study is to develop a water - water heat exchange interface allowing a high-rate heat flux from the wastewater flow to the cold-water flow to recover maximum of the waste energy. A regular geometry was compared with a helicoidal one by numerical simulation. The main finding is that by adding the helicoidal fin, the efficiency of the standard heat exchanger was improved.



    International Conference on ENERGY and ENVIRONMENT, 2021, Romania, DOI 10.1109/CIEM52821.2021.9614842

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