Autors: Sabev, S. T., Kasabov P.
Title: The Effect of Feed Rate and Cutting Speed to Surface Roughness during hole boring of Aluminum with anti-vibration boring bar
Keywords: anti-vibration, boring bar, DOE, lathe

Abstract: This study is focusing on the experimental investigation of the effects of cutting parameters on surface roughness during hole boring of 8062 aluminums with anti-vibration boring bar on lathe. Several experiments were conducted with different cutting conditions. Based on the results and using “Minitab 19” software, a mathematic model was made to predict the surface quality in connection with different cutting conditions. Finally, an experiment analysis was carried out to verify the analytical results.


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Environment. Technology. Resources. Rezekne, Latvia Proceedings of the 13 th International Scientific and Practical Conference. Volume 3, pp. 314-318, 2021, Latvia, ISSN 2256-070X

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