Autors: Yordanov, R. S., Iontchev, E., Miletiev, R. G., Mladenov, V. M.
Title: GPS/GPRS/INS system for real-time monitoring of the urban railway
Keywords: MEMS, inertial sensors, railway

Abstract: The current paper describes the information and communication system, based on micromechanical inertial sensors (MEMS), GPS receiver and GSM modem to measure the dynamic response and to send the data to the control center to establish the status of the urban railways or tram bogy. The combination of the selected inertial and communication systems allow realizing the real-time monitoring of the urban railway and the tram body dynamics. The data processing is accomplished by the frequency analysis of the inertial data while the positioning device locates the points with dangerously high accelerations to create a map with dangerous places.



    International Journal of Transportation Systems, vol. 1, pp. 48-52, 2016, France, IARAS, ISBN ISSN: 2534-8876

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