Autors: Stoyanov, L. S.
Title: Modeling of hybrid system with photovoltaic panels-fuel cells generation and hydrogen storage using electrolyzer
Keywords: stand-alone hybrid system, photovoltaic generator, fuel cell stack, electrolyzer

Abstract: The paper deals with modeling of stand-alone hybrid system, which uses photovoltaic installation and fuel cell stack for generation and electrolyzer with hydrogen tank for storage. The components of the system are modeled with appropriate mathematical equations, describing the specific phenomena for each element, and implemented in Matlab Simulink environment. Simulation results are presented for 9 days, using meteorological data from experimental set-up in Ajaccio, France. The results show a good functionality of the system and confirm the possibility to use it for satisfaction of stand-alone consumer.



    2021 17th Conference on Electrical Machines, Drives and Power Systems, ELMA 2021, 2021, Bulgaria,

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