Autors: Hinov, N. L.
Title: Generalized models of basic DC-DC converters
Keywords: DC-DC converters, models, design

Abstract: In the work were developed and presented generalized models of the basic transformers DC-DC converters: Buck, Boost and Buck-Boost. Models are synthesized using switching functions and mathematical software. The two main operating modes of the converters are modeled: continuous conduction mode and discontinuous conduction mode. The modeling method used is appropriate in engineering practice and in power electronics training. With the help of the developed models, the regulator is synthesized, realized and set in the operation of the devices such as voltage, current or power stabilizers. In addition, models are based on a model-based design of the studied power electronics devices. In this way, the design process is intensified and certain optimizations are performed with assigned target functions. Program implementation of the models is done in MATLAB/Simulink.



    44th International Conference on Applications of Mathematics in Engineering and Economics, AMEE 2018, 2018, Bulgaria,

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    1. Design of the power supply system for vertical take-off and landing unmanned aerial vehicle, Advances in Transdisciplinary Engineering, Volume 16, Pages 445 - 454, 20 October 2021, 28th ISTE International Conference on Transdisciplinary Engineering, TE 2021, 5 July 2021 through 9 July 2021 - 2021 - в издания, индексирани в Scopus или Web of Science

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