Autors: Hristov, V. P.
Keywords: IoT, remote control, client-server applic ation, SSH tunnel

Abstract: The present paper is dedicated to solving the problem of securi ty of Internet of Things - a nowadays problem, especially for devices for home automation. In general, these d evices can be a problem for security, since patches to bugs found in the core operating system often do not reach users of older and lower-price devices. After carried on botnet attack in 2016 the researchers say that the failure of vendors to supp ort older devices with patches and updates leaves more of active devices vulnerable. The aim of present work is to propos e a universal approach for securely remote control of the devices via Internet using SSH tunnel



    Bulgarian Journal for Engineering Design, issue 38, pp. 21-26, 2019, Bulgaria, ТУ-София, ISSN 1313-7530

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