Autors: Zhilevski, M. M., Mikhov, M. R.
Title: Study of Spindle Drives for Machining Centers with Computer Numerical Control
Keywords: machining center, CNC, spindle drive, DC drive, AC drive

Abstract: This paper presents the features of spindle drives for machining centers with computer numerical control. Based on formulated requirements, taking into account the possible mechanical operations main drives with DC and AC motors are selected. Mathematical modeling and computer simulation offer effective ways to study the drive systems in different dynamic and static modes of operation, especially when it is not possible or inconvenient to perform such tests in laboratory or industrial conditions. Using the MATLAB/SIMULINK software package, two types of DC drives are studied, namely: a dual-zone electric drive without adaptation and with adaptive control one. An AC drive is implemented which satisfies the necessary requirements. Some experimental results from studies of spindle drives with DC and AC motors are shown and discussed. Practical implementations of spindle drives in different mechanical operations are illustrated. The research held and the results obtained can be used in th



    PROCEEDINGS OF THE TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF SOFIA, vol. 71, issue 3, pp. pp. 33-37, 2021, Bulgaria, Sofia, Technical University of Sofia,

    Copyright Technical University of Sofia

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