Autors: Ibrishimov H. T., Tarnev, H. T., Hinov, N. L.
Title: Modeling and optimization of a coil for contactless energy transmission
Keywords: contactless energy transmission, modeling, optimization

Abstract: The paper presents a 2D model of a system for contactless inductive energy transmission. Graphical dependences for the inductance of the transmission coil on the frequency, on the magnetic permeability of the concentrators and on the distance between the coils are obtained. In addition, results for the power of the transmitting coil and the dependence of the induced voltage in the receiving coil on the frequency of the power supply are shown. An analytical model of an air transformer is used to explain the numerical results.



    46th International Conference on Applications of Mathematics in Engineering and Economics, AMEE 2020, 2021, Bulgaria, AIP Conference Proceedings

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