Autors: Chankov G. G., Hinov, N. L.
Title: Testing The Applicability Of “ecologically Friendly” Energy Sources In Household Electricity Consumption In Bulgaria
Keywords: CCGT; Complementary pair; Efficiency; Electricity consumptio

Abstract: The EU’s “Green Deal” plans a carbonfree energy mix, neglecting nuclear energy, despite high social costs. Photovoltaic and wind power plants lack proper solutions for storing the excessive electricity. Their EROI is still lower compared to that of conventional sources. A complementary pair of combined cycle gas turbines (CCGT) and photovoltaics is a good solution for regular electricity supplies for households at affordable prices. Such a model is based on consumption data in Ruse (Bulgaria), delivered by Nicola Mihaylov et al. It also includes data, delivered by RIS Elektro OOD – a solar park operator. Matching consumption fluctuations with production fluctuations gives the following: A 1 MW CCGT that supplies up to 1,600-1700 households is combined with a 250 kW photovoltaic park. The calculations show that because of the park the CCGT should operate with lower EROI and "green surcharge" in the consumers’ price.



    TEM Journal, 2021, Serbia, UIKTEN

    Copyright UIKTEN - Association for Information Communication Technology Education and Science

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