Autors: Hinov, N. L., Hranov, T. H.
Title: Tolerance Analysis of Common Transistor DC-DC Converters
Keywords: DC-DC power converters; Pulse width modulation converters; T

Abstract: In the work on the basis of created models of the most widespread DC-DC converters-buck, boost, and buck-boost a tolerance analysis is made regarding the change of the parameters of the reactive elements of the state variables-current through inductance and output capacitor voltage. Results are obtained, which are visualized as characteristics and presented on 3D graphics and on their basis, the influences that have the tolerances of the filter elements (capacitor and coil) on operating modes are determined. This study is interesting in view of the operation and guarantee of the performance of power electronic devices, as well as in the field of the selection of appropriate elements in accordance with the achievement of certain goals such as reliability, low cost and stability of the power circuit.



    Proceedings of the 2021 25th International Conference Electronics, ELECTRONICS 2021, 2021, Lithuania, IEEE

    Copyright IEEE

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