Autors: Hinov, N. L., Hranov, T. H.
Title: Practical Approach for Improving the Dynamics of the Resonant DC-DC Converter
Keywords: Control design; DC-DC power converters; Optimization; Resona

Abstract: The influence of the operating modes (the output current value), the starting frequency and the choice of the output capacitance on the dynamics of a series resonant DC-DC converter is studied in the work. An assessment was made of the influence of the above factors on the duration and nature of the transients both in terms of the output voltage and in the resonant inverter. On this basis, optimal values of these parameters can be determined in order to obtain the desired transient process. Thanks to the obtained results, conclusions have been made regarding the improvement of the converter dynamics, as well as related to the improvement of the control synthesis, design, and operation.



    Proceedings of the 2021 25th International Conference Electronics, ELECTRONICS 2021, 2021, Lithuania, IEEE

    Copyright IEEE

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