Autors: Nenova B. D., Iliev, I. T.
Title: An automated algorithm for fast pulse wave detection
Keywords: Pulse wave detection, Beat detection, Real-time algorithm, Pulse wave contour

Abstract: This study presents an automated algorithm for fast pulse wave detection, directed to establishing the presence of cardiac activity in an emergency. The method relies on real-time estimation of similarity of closely positioned rising edges of the waveform and decision logic. The algorithm was tested on a set of pressure pulse waves from the MGH/MF waveform database from PhysioNet. Our approach to assessing the algorithm performance was based on location and classification of suspicious 10 s signal epochs by means of detection of dissimilar peak-to-peak intervals. The detected epochs were visually inspected and compared to the corresponding ECG-based expert beat annotations. The main epoch and error types were summarized. The performance of the algorithm and the visual interpretation of the results were illustrated by means of examples. The review of the recordings showed that the proposed algorithm correctly identifies cardiac pulsations even under considerable artefacts.



    , 2010, Bulgaria,

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