Autors: Durakova, A., Gogova, Tzv., Vladeva, St., Vasileva, A. L., Slavov, A., Yanakieva, V., Temelkova, M.
Title: Biscuits with flour of lucuma, spelt and carob for prophylactic and dietary nutrition
Keywords: Lucuma, Subtropical fruit, Biscuits

Abstract: The present study examines a recipe for biscuits with flour of lucuma, spelt and carob designed for prophylactic and dietary nutrition. Conducted literature research characterizes flours of lucuma, spelt and carob as expedient to be used in nutrients, designed for prophylactics and dietary nutrition. The presence of data for the conducted in vivo examinations gives us a reason to think that a combination of the products in a certain proportion is expedient for a product, intended for consumption from people with diabetes mellitus type 2, which is the main motivation for the present study.Raw materials for biscuits were - whole meal spelt flour type 1750 - 356 g; lucuma flour - 356 g; carob flour - 71.2 g; and margarine “Bella” - 569.8 g. They were kneaded and shaped in round rings 6 mm thick and 17 g weight. The biscuits are baked for 8-10 minutes at 180 0C. The antioxidant activity of the ready biscuits is reported in four different by mechanism methods - methods: 2,2-diphenyl-1-pic



    Journal of Hygienic Engineering and Design, vol. 37, pp. 174-179, 2021, Macedonia, Consulting and Training Center - KEY, ISSN 1857-8489

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