Autors: Tsochev, G. R., Trifonov, R. I.
Title: Cloud computing security requirements: A Review
Keywords: cloud computing, security, security problems, risk assessment

Abstract: Cloud computing is a new technology that is undergoing tremendous development today. People who use it are not able to separate the reasonable from the unreasonable arguments that come with the security requirements in the cloud. The claim that cloud computing is hereditarily insecure is as absurd as the claim that cloud computing does not create new security problems. Cloud computing is a way to dynamically increase resources without the need for in-depth knowledge of a brand new infrastructure, without training new workers or designing new software solutions. The article aims to analyse the different cloud security issues and models of cloud architectures. Some of the main problems with security in virtualization, concerns about storing data in the cloud and the assessment of risk tolerance in cloud computing are presented. Legal and regulatory issues for the protection of personal data are addressed.



    International Scientific Conference on Communications, Information, Electronic and Energy Systems - CIEES 2021, 2021, Bulgaria,

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