Autors: Ivanova, M. S., Petkova, P. T., Petkov N. T.
Title: Statistics and Machine Learning for Behavioral Prediction of Operational Transconductance Amplifiers with Focus on Regression Analysis
Keywords: Regression analysis, Operational transconductance amplifier, Machine learning, Statistics

Abstract: The goal in this paper is to present a method for predictive analysis of Operational Transconductance Amplifiers behavior in frequency domain applying regression algorithms. The exploration is performed applying linear regression, additive regression and transformed regression algorithms for solving regression tasks and linear and logistic regression for deciding classification problems. The evaluation of developed predictive models show the advantage of linear regression in comparison to others.



    3rd International Conference on Computing and Data Science (CONF-CDS)/Communications in Computer and Information Science, vol. 1513, pp. 315-324, 2021, United States, Springer, Singapore,

    Copyright Springer Nature Singapore

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