Autors: Ivanova, T. I., Terzieva V., Ivanova, M. I.
Title: Intelligent Technologies in E-Learning: Personalization and Interoperability
Keywords: Intelligent educational system, Personalization, Ontology modeling, Interoperability

Abstract: Many educational systems are focused predominantly on such an organization of the learning process to be uniform for all learners. This approach is not the best for many learners, especially for those with various difficulties or interests. This paper first analyzes and classifies sources for learning on the Internet. The findings help to develop a knowledge model needed for a personalized recommendation of web-based sources, complementary to the learning content that a well-organized intelligent educational system can propose to learners. Having in mind specifics of the ontologies needed for modeling the learning domain, a model of the ontological repository for storing ontologies that can be useful for building intelligent educational systems is suggested. We also discussed mapping problems between ontologies and modeling e-learning standards.



    22nd International Conference on Computer Systems and Technologies, CompSysTech 2021, pp. 176–181, 2021, Bulgaria, Association for Computing Machinery, DOI 10.1145/3472410.3472427

    Copyright ACM

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    1. Mastan, I. A., Sensuse, D. I., Suryono, R. R., Kautsarina, Evaluation of Distance Learning System (E-Learning): A Systematic Literature Review, Jurnal TEKNOINFO, Vol. 16, No. 1, 2022, 132-137, ISSN: 2615-224X - 2022 - от чужди автори в чужди издания, неиндексирани в Scopus или Web of Science

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