Autors: Todorov, G. D., Kamberov, K. H., Semkov, M. H.
Title: Design and Investigation of Cooling and Oxidation Module for Wine Industry
Keywords: cooling; engineering analysis; oxidation; prototyping; venturi; virtual prototyping

Abstract: The study demonstrates virtual prototyping application in design and evaluation of system complied of two modules for conditioning different types of wine. Explored are two main modules - for cooling and for oxidation of the wine. The design concept built in this study is purposed for a small servings of 10 Cl but it can easily be scaled for bigger volumes. Examined design is based on two main components for cooling that utilizes Peltier components, mounted over aluminum thermo block with serpentine inside and oxidation module based on the Venturi effect to include air portions in the wine. Design development is based on engineering analyses and CFD simulations for developing two main design variants.



    International Conference on High Technology for Sustainable Development, HiTech 2018 - Proceedings, 2018, Bulgaria, ISBN 978-153867039-2

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