Autors: Mecheva, T. A., Kakanakov, N. R.
Title: Traffic flow model based on real data
Keywords: Adaptation models , Purification , Roads , Transportation , Predictive models , Cameras , Data models

Abstract: Simulation models are vital in the process of design, evaluation, and predicting modern traffic systems. The selection of appropriate data and their adaptation to the simulator is one of the toughest tasks in transport simulation. The article presents a simple two-step model for traffic flow generation based on real data from road cameras. The privilege of the presented model in comparison to classic four-step model is its simplicity and the ability to operate with a small amount of data. The model is implemented over an area of three main intersections in the central Plovdiv. In the first step the origin and destination flows are calculated via Python. At the second step the road network and the calculated flows are set up to AIMSUN traffic simulator. The generated traffic flow is compared to the data from real measurements. The evaluation of the data shows that additional adjustment of the model is required.



    International conference on Electronics ET, 2021, Bulgaria, DOI 10.1109/ET52713.2021.9579596

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