Autors: Stoynov, V. R., Valkova-Jarvis, Z. V.
Title: Blockage Arrangements Modelling in Indoor Wireless Networks: a Comparative Study
Keywords: Indoor environment, wireless communications, blockage modelling, user throughput

Abstract: In this work, the performance of indoor users’ throughput is studied through the abstract modelling of walls. A more realistic blockage object arrangement is compared with existing abstract-modelled blockage arrangements to demonstrate its improved representation of real-life scenarios. Ten different scenarios are defined, combining different wall layouts and transmitter dispositions. The scenarios represent possible real working environment sites and are experimentally tested for different numbers of receivers.



    International Scientific Conference on Information, Communication and Energy Systems and Technologies (ICEST 2018), 28-30 June, Sozopol, Bulgaria, pp. 106-109, 2018, Bulgaria, ISBN ISSN: 2603-3259 (Print), ISSN: 2603-3267 (Online)

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