Autors: Marinov, T. M., Nenova, M. V., Iliev, G. L.
Title: Road Condition Monitoring Algorithm and Detect Congestion Algorithm in VANET
Keywords: VANET, routing protocols, Road Condition Monitoring Algorithm, Detect Congestion Algorithm

Abstract: Technologies are evolving every day. ITS (Intelligent Transport System) are no exception. Vehicular ad-hoc network – VANET is a part of ITS. The main idea in this network is communication between automobiles. There are serious issues like road accidents, congestions and harmful air emissions. VANET is expected to solve these problems. Two algorithms are presented in this report - Road Condition Monitoring Algorithm and Detect Congestion Algorithm. If they are added to certain protocols in VANET, drivers will have information about roads condition and traffic jams. It is well known how much time is spent in the congestions and how dangerous are bad road conditions. Applying suitable algorithms it is possible to keep human lives, cars safe, spare energy and fuel resources.



    Computer and Communication Engineering, 2018, Bulgaria, ISSN 1314-2291

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