Autors: Ivanov, S. C.
Title: Impulse Control of DC Motor with Addition of Energy
Keywords: pulse width modulation , duty cycle , boost converter , DC m

Abstract: This article presents the research of a proposed method and device for pulse control of a DC motor with the addition of energy to the control powerful pulses. The method and the created principle scheme for motor control are described. A theoretical analysis of the transients in the power circuit for adding energy to powerful pulses is made. Experimental studies of the change of motor speed during control by the method of pulse width modulation (PWM) and at DC voltage supply have been made. The change of current and voltage applied to the motor anchor during control with addition of energy to the control pulses is studied.



    2021 International Conference Automatics and Informatics (ICAI), 30 Sept.-2 Oct. Varna, Bulgaria 2021, 2021, Bulgaria, doi: 10.1109/ICAI52893.2021.9639789. ISBN:978-1-6654-2661-9

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